South African experiences left deep scars from the apartheid movement, but allowed the subtle education of Ubuntu. In fact, the word Ubuntu even appears in South Africa’s Interim Constitution, created in 1993: “There is a need for understanding but not for vengeance, a need for reparation but not for retaliation, a need for ubuntu but not for victimization. Ubuntu manifests itself through various human acts, clearly visible in social, political, and economic situations, as well as among family. Ensuring effective service The justification is that across all the Bantu languages, the existence of the suffixes –ntu (for ubuntu) - –tho (for Botho) and, - nhu for hu- nhu)-suggest … Southern Africa that include: Shona, Isindebele, Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho and Tswana among others (cf. South Africa ABSTRACT The focus of this article is on the role of Ubuntu and leadership as values that can enhance and accelerate service delivery, and ultimately promote good governance. Ubuntu is a complex word from the Nguni language with several definitions, all of them difficult to translate into English. 2 Mbigi L and Maree J Ubuntu: The Spirit of African Transformati on Management (Sigma Press Johannesburg 1995) 1-7. The ubuntu this person possesses comes from being part of a greater whole. 1 Broodryk J Ubuntu in South Africa (LLD thesi s UNISA 1997). Battle 2009). The article considers whether Ubuntu philosophy can assist the public sector in entrenching this philosophy among public servants. Hence, the Ubuntu philosophy is integrated into all aspects of day-to-day life throughout Africa and is a concept shared by all tribes in Southern, Central, West and East Africa amongst people of Bantu origin (Rwelamila, Talukhaba & Ngowi, 1999:338). According to sociolinguist Buntu Mfenyana, it "runs through the veins of all Africans, is embodied in the oft-repeated: "Ubuntu ngumtu ngabanye abantu" ("A person is a person through other people"). Evidence that the SA Government AND The Republic of South Africa are both listed as Corporations on the US Securities Exchange. South Africa's post-apartheid truth and reconciliation commission, which … Black nannies, house cleaners, garden workers, tea-girls, office cleaners, delivery, and messenger people, throughout thirty-nine years in South Africa, continually demonstrated examples of Ubuntu. This is noted in how it speaks of the facets of ubuntu, such as unity, service for the people and cooperation in developing the of Africa’s economy such as in section 29 of the Agenda 2063 which states that; “Africa will be a continent where the institutions are at the service of its people. Upon a recent study tour of South Africa I learned about the word “Ubuntu.” Our tour guide provided my favorite definition of “a heartbeat” and “in the heart beat of people.” It was upon learning about this South African philosophy of Ubuntu that I reflected on how Ubuntu could inspire youth as our future leaders in a global world. The Ubuntu application is pervasive in almost all parts of the African continent.